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President Chairman, Board of Directors

Honorable members of Korean Society of Laparoscopic Surgical Endoscopy;

Starting from laparoscopic cholecystectomy in the middle of 1980s, the laparoscopic cholecystectomy introduced a new concept in the history of surgery and repeated an innovative development for a short period after then and it was facilitated in almost all the surgical area, changed the concept of surgery and its history.

Our society founded in 1996 made a remarkable development in endoscopic laparoscopic surgery for a short period in accordance with the stream of times and achieved a global level and contributes greatly to lifting an international prestige of Korean surgery. I think that all of this must be the results of the enthusiasm, efforts and patience of your members who challenge a new area incessantly and express greetings of deep thanks.

During the past several years our society developed into a society acknowledged internationally as well as an internal progress. However, there remain a lot of the work and things to be done and finished. A typical thing is a certification system of endoscopic laparoscopic surgerypromoted last year. I thought of it as a required system and started it, but I could confirm that there are a lot of different opinions among the members in the process of collecting the opinions and came to know that the number of members is much insufficient in some areas and thought that it requires a lot of time and efforts in future.

I will make efforts to narrow the different opinions between mutual members, help the members of diverse areas subscribe to the membership evenly as many as possible and increase the number of the members. For this purpose, I hope you will give many opinions, and cooperate with the subscription of ambient colleagues as a member.

President of Korean Society of endoscopic-laparoscopic Surgery
Sang Mok Lee

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